Saint Skully NFT

About Saint Skully

Saint Skully is an exclusive collection of 6666 hand-drawn Saints that have been awoken from the dead. The Saints are on a journey to find the source of the disturbance and the power that it holds, the Nectar of Life. This will bring about the Revival.

Owning a Saint Skully NFT also grants you a key to enter the Grave DAO, the chance to take the Solana world by storm with our community, branding and fully fledged DAO.

Saint Skully NFT

The Lore

A once abandoned cemetery was awoken by the chaos of what could have been a beautiful scene of light. A meteor has engulfed the atmosphere. Flying at incomprehensible speeds, a stark contrast to the extinct and lifeless planet below. 

Embodied with a substance that will change the planet forevermore, the meteor made impact. An accident substance that has been rumored across the universe now lies scattered across the earth’s surface together with the meteor it attached itself to. Shards of the meteor had lodged themselves into the mausoleum, illuminating the walls with an alien tint.  The meteor sent shockwaves across the entire surface, and with it, the ground bustled to life.

Saint Skully’s that had been dead for centuries now dug their way up from the earth that once buried them, the once extinct planet now bustling with un-life.
Skeletal bodies slowly rose from the ground, in total confusion and dismay at their own lifeless state. Yet completely hypnotized by the illumination beaming from the substance that had crashed into the mausoleum wall.
The eerieness was calling out to the Skully’s, the Nectar of Life.

Saint Skully Roadmap


Saint Skully is a collection of 6666 unique hand-drawn skulls, granting you access to the SaintSkully utility token staking, exclusive Grave DAO forming, the Saints Revival, and the Summoning of the Saint Pets.

TBA, check our socials.

TBA, check our socials.

Saint Skully Token is the heart of Saints Skully ecosystems, it will be used for the inhouse raffle system, lotteries, the Revival and the Summoning of the saints pet.

The Saint Skully Team

St. Manta


St. Adamdog